Aerocyl Buffer Tanks
Kingspan Albion Aerocyl

Aerocyl Buffer Tanks

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Aerocyl buffer tank is manufactured from stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. It can be integrated into a system when additional volume of hot water is required to provide smoother and uninterrupted operation of a heat pump.

Incorporated into a space heating system, Aerocyl buffer tank increases the volume of water a heat pump has to heat, allowing excess heat to be stored until it is required. It also provides a thermal store to aid defrost of the heat pump and protects the water within the system from cooling. 

  • Suitable for seal system primary circuit
  • Maximum system pressure is 6 Bar
  • Range of capacities from 50 to 210 litres
  • Prevent water in the system from getting colder during heat pump defrost cycles
  • Provide additional volume of hot water in the system
  • 50mm thickness of environmentally friendly foam lagging for low standing heat loss
  • Encased in durable, gloss white, steel outer casing
  • Immersion heater boss for optional electric heating

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